1. kwieduwilt:




    You do not yet know the downside of this artifact

    This reminds me of something.

    Oh yeah, a scene from “Accidental Tourist” by gainesm.

    I wonder what ever happened to that precious little tale…

    You mean that unfinished, leave us hanging right at the end, story? The one gainesm was updating regularly until she got distracted by glitter-poofing?

    Yeah, I wonder whatever happened to that…

    Okay first of all, you do realise that she was updating at a ridiculous rate right? Like, you say “regularly” but it was soooo not regular. It was extraordinarily fast, and considering the detail and research for each chapter, it’s surprising that she didn’t make her brain explode. Secondly, she’s near the end of the story which means there will be a bazillion things she has to wrap up, and that takes a lot of time and thought. So if she takes a literal million years to update then that is understandable and we should be grateful we got any fic at all. Thirdly, I don’t poof glitter. And finally, HOW YOU GONNA BLAME ME FOR THIS?

    This gifset is freakin kickass though. This should happen. Yes. 

    Cuteney, my little fluffy little unicorn, let me begin with this:

    It is absolutely adorbs and entirely full of glitter-poofing sweetness how quickly you ran to your GF’s defense. We are all well aware that she had been producing chapters at a breakneck pace. We are also sensitive to the time and energy a budding “friendship” takes and how that can be a valid distraction, but a distraction none the less.

    But mostly, this gifset was simply too perfect a fit with AT to let it pass without mention…



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