1. Canon Error - Warehouse 13

    Was browsing through some episodes looking for some screenshots when it occurred to me that Christina Wells was given an established date of July 14, 1899 for her death (S2 - Reset).  However, H.G. herself states that in 1893 her daughter had been gone (i.e. dead) for nearly two years - putting her death in 1891 (S3 - 3,2,1). 

    This is driving me bonkers at the moment.  The dual dates are messing with my head and giving me too many ideas for fics.

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      Already had some kind of similar discussion here. The problem is… the dates simply don’t fit, especially when it comes...
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      Uhm. What do you mean most likely there will be no spinoff?!
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    5. crazycat9449 said: I often wonder if that was an oversight or a purposeful ret-con. 321 was meant to be the intro to the purposed HG Wells’ spinoff. They may have wanted to back track the years a bit to give that series a longer “shelf-life.” Maybe a mute point now.

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